Sunday, 22 April 2012

Victory is ours!

Update on our earlier story about the pussy cats next door.

Today we learned that the lady in that house has sent the pussycats to live somewhere else. Mum says it happened because the man that owns the house doesn't let the tenants have pets but we know it was our brilliant efforts to rid the neighbourhood of felines that have caused this.
Victory is ours!!!!

Now we just have to work out what to do about the vicious, scratching, biting, ferocious tiger that lives in the bushes out the back.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Mouse trap

In the middle of the night I woke up, climbed down from the nice comfy bed in the spare (Mum forgot to close the door again..haha), and wandered through the house to see what I could see. And what did I see? A mouse!
It ran across the family room and disappeared. I am not a very good mouse catcher because I have big paws and, no matter how hard I try, the stupid little things run around underneath me and get away. I don't like things running under me. It makes me jump. So I went into the walk in cupboard and woke Heidi up.
Heidi is a most excellent mouser. She likes to catch little field mice and carry them around in her mouth. She has worked out that it is best to leave the tail hanging out because if you hold them with the tail inside your mouth it makes you cough and then they get away.
Heidi came out to the family room and soon sussed out where the mouse was.
It was hiding in Mum's office so we blocked off the doorways, pretended to be asleep and waited for it to come out.
When it tried to run out into the hallway we pounced and I got him......accidentally.....with my big paw. Squished him a bit, I did. He didn't want to run any more so Heidi said to leave him in the doorway as a present for Mum. Then we went back to sleep.
In the morning Dad found our present and didn't even show it to Mum. He took it straight outside. We were confused by that.....but he did give us treats afterwards so he must have appreciated our gift.