Monday, 1 April 2013

Oh No!!!

I said something was afoot. I told you something weird was going on.
I knew it. I just knew it.

There are suitcases laid out open in the spare room and there are piles of clothes on the bed.

I know what that means.

It means that Mum and Dad are going off on the High Seas or to Ha Why Ee or maybe Victoria or Cool And Gatta.....or somewhere......and WE ARE NOT !!!!

This means we are going to be sent off to the kennel again.   Pfft!  Pfft! Pfft!

Heidi has gone to her corner of the lounge between the sofa and the little table, turned her back and is refusing to talk to anyone unless, of course, food is involved.
I am just being super sooky and following Mum around very closely.  Maybe she will feel guilty, give up the whole idea of going somewhere and decide to stay home with us instead.