Monday, 26 August 2013

What the...?

We are seeking an explanation of this thing which we saw on our lake today.

It seems to be some sort of bird but we have never seen a bird like this before.  It was sailing across the lake this morning when we were having our walk.  Heidi and I sat and watched it for quite some time.

It is quite a big bird.  Heidi says it is not a duck. She says she wouldn't want to jump in after one of these. It has big wings and a sort of flat body.  I think Heidi could stand up on its back if she wanted to and have a ride.  I wonder if it is a friendly beastie?

It has a scary bag thing under its chin. When it sees a fish in the water, it dips its head in the water and scoops up the fish in the bag.  You can see the fish in there squirming about!  Horrible!  Then- gulp - down the fish goes.  Yuk!  I myself am not a fan of fish - but I do like those little prawns they put in Chinese fried rice.

When it was done fishing, this thing sort of stood up and ran along the top of the water, flapping its wings and eventually took off.  It flew around for a while and then landed on the other side of the lake. I think it was doing aerial surveillance - looking for more fish.

The landing was unbelievable. It came skidding in with its feet down and swished water up in a wave before sitting down on the surface.  Something like my mud puddle splash down only without the face plant at the end.

It is a puzzlement.  Whatever could it be?  

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Bed Hopper

Heidi and I have very comfortable beds. In fact we have two beds each. There are our warm weather beds which are trampoline beds on metal frames - and there are our winter beds which are like dens. They are big dog crates with cosy inserts to keep draughts out. Heidi even has her bean bag inside hers. In my winter den I have a nice thick base pad, a pillow and a blanket of many colours knitted by Nanna many years ago.  Our beds are super comfy.

However, recently, Heidi Ho has taken to playing a mean and nasty game with me in the middle of the night.  She has become.....A Bed Hopper!

For reasons best known to herself she has decided that she wants to snuggle not in her bean bag but in MY BLANKET OF MANY COLOURS!

We go to bed at the usual time after treats and a quick trip outside and settle down for the night.  Then when the house is quiet Heidi gives an alarm yip!  I wake up and am instantly alert because I am an amazing guard dog. What has she heard? I think to myself and race to the door to listen. I walk around checking all the doors to ensure that we are all safe.  Then, assured that all is well, I return to my bed and pillow and blanket only to find that Heidi has jumped into my bed.

I tell her to get out but she won't go.  I ask her nicely but she won't go.  I growl at her but she growls back.  She will not give my nice comfy bed back so I go into her bed.  But it is not my bed and I want my bed.  So what am I to do?

There is only one answer. Cry for Mum. So I knock on the door and cry for my Mummy to come and tell naughty Heidi to get out of my bed.

When Mum comes to see what is wrong with me because I am crying so piteously, she is not overly impressed with either of us.  She tells HoHo to get back in her own bed. Heidi goes. I jump quickly into my cosy den, put my head on my pillow and snuggle into my blanket of many colours.

All is quiet.....for now.