Thursday, 11 October 2012


Once again we are prisoners at Kennel.  Miss Jeanette and Miss Angela are taking care of us and Mr Paul even popped in to give us our manners lesson but we are still prisoners in our 'family suite'.

Mum and Dad have disappeared off with their suitcases to somewhere called Ha Why Ee.

 I don't know when they are coming back to get us. I don't know why we can't go with them when they get the suitcases out. I don't know how they could possibly be happy to go anywhere without Heidi and me. I don't know why Miss Jeanette won't let us go into her house at night. I don't know why Joe the greyhound can run so fast when we are allowed to go into the play yard.  I don't know why Mr Paul thinks I am such a good dog when I come back the first time he calls me.  I don't know why Heidi refuses to do the 'Down' thing when Mr Paul tells her to.

It seems that although I am very wise on many issues there are a lot of things that I don't know.  Perhaps if I was allowed to go to Ha Why Ee I would learn some more things.  Must remember to mention this to Mum and Dad when they come back.

Prisoners Numbers  G1 and G2, (don't know what this means either), signing off for now. Woof!