Sunday, 23 October 2016


You have not had one of my reports for many days. This is because our whole world has changed.

Earlier this year Dad decided that he did not want to go to work any more. He decided that he would now be "Retired".

Retired is when Humans change their behaviours in some quite startling ways.

Example #1:   Mum and Dad now sleep later each morning. This means that there is no longer a warm spot in the big bed for Heidi to leap into for a couple of hours of snoozing before Mum gets up.
It also means that our breakfast treats are served at a slightly later hour.   Pfft!

Example #2:   Heidi and I can now enjoy a walk together. Mum can only manage one dog at a time as - apparently - one of us can become a little over excited sometimes. Now Dad comes along with us so we can all go together.  Wags!

Example #3: One's humans began to throw out lots of stuff and pack stuff into boxes. Dad began to paint anything that stood still and Mum went into a cleaning frenzy as though Christmas was approaching. Odd!

Example #4:   One can find oneself being left to the care of dog-sitters far more often. Mum and Dad seem to feel that they should take themselves off to places unknown on a more regular basis. Pfft!

This all came to a head a month or so ago when Heidi and I found ourselves being loaded into the car for a play date with some people called Bevan and Angela.

We were dropped off at a very nice place with a big lawn of soft, springy grass - perfect for rolling upon - a swimming pool, and one of those trampoline things. We were busily exploring the yard when Mum and Dad sneaked out and drove away. 
Bevan played with us and gave us treats. I worked out how to open the sliding door into the house and HoHo found a nifty hiding space under the trampoline.
After about an hour, Mum and Dad returned, put us back in the car and we came home. 
A week later, we were taken back to Bevan and Angela's house, but this time Mum and Dad did not come back to fetch us.

We did not know what to think. 
We had been abandoned. 
What had we done wrong? 
Heidi told me it was my fault - too many socks stolen. 
Bad as that was, worse was yet to come. 

A few days had passed when a van arrived at the house. A man loaded us into crates and drove to a very noisy place. There were other dogs in cages there, just like us - even a few cats - but, who cares about them. 
We sat in our cages and worried about what was going to happen next.

It was unbelievable!!!

We were taken to a huge metal a bird...sitting out in the sun. Our cages were put inside the bird thing and then it was all dark. We could feel the bird thing moving. It was very loud - very scary - and it seemed to go on for ever. When the noise finally stopped, the side of the bird was opened and our cages were taken out and put onto a little truck. It was dark outside and chilly too. 

And then....Mum and Dad were there!! Our cages were being opened and Mum and Dad were hugging us and telling us everything was okay. We had been flying and now we were in Tasmania.  

Here is a map to show you how far we far we came.

We started in Brisbane and flew in the bird thing all the way to Tasmania. Probably about a million kilometres, I would say. How brave were we? 

Mum and Dad took us to our new house and gave us dinner. We were extremely hungry. Our cubby beds were waiting for us with brand new warm mattresses to snuggle into. Heidi's couch was even there too.  Mum settled us down for bed as usual and we curled up to sleep.  Phew!

We are all back together again and things in our world are almost normal again...except for some really odd smells out there in the garden.