Thursday, 28 June 2012

On Trial

The Evidence Exhibit 1

The Evidence Exhibit 2

The Suspect

In the Witness Box

The Testimony

It was cold.  Dad had left them on the floor.  I found them.  My paws were cold. I was going to figure out how to put them on later.

The Verdict

Guilty as charged.  

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


It is cold.  It is very cold.  We had a clip last week so we don't even have a full woolly coat to help keep us warm.  Miss Anna didn't clip us as closely as she does in summer but even's cold.

I have retreated to my beanbag because it covered in a nice soft velvety material which is easy to snuggle in.

This was actually my third choice of cuddle up venue but, apparently, even really cold days do not change certain regulations within our household.

Earlier today I left Heidi curled in a tight, tight, ball on the couch and took myself down the hall to Mum and Dad's bed.  They have a big bed with a nice warm quilt on it.  If a passing dog accidentally nudges it slightly, it slips a bit in a floor ward direction.  If the passing dog repeats the nudging several times, the quilt comes right down onto the floor where the passing dog can curl up and snooze in supreme warmth and comfort.
Unfortunately this passing dog's mother decided to change the towels in the ensuite bathroom, removed me from my snuggled position and closed the bedroom door so as to block any further passing.

I ventured by chance into the spare room where there is another big bed with a doona on it.  Doonas are  lovely to snuggle on, especially if one has one's favourite toy with one.  I jumped and snuggled.....for a while .....until Mum decided to vacuum the house and, once again, a door was closed.

So I went out into the family room where my bean bag is and lay on it looking really depressed.  Mum and Heidi were in the is warmer in there because the floor has carpet.......and I was in the family room on my beanbag.   Sigh.

But, then, Mum came and picked up my beanbag and carried it out into the lounge.  She put it right beside her chair.  So now I am cuddled up in my brown, velvety beanbag right next to Mum.  It is still cold outside but I feel better now.   Zzzzzzz.

Friday, 22 June 2012


We got into trouble again today.  I guess there's nothing unusual in that.  We get into trouble quite often surprisingly.

Here's what happened.  Heidi and I were having a play out in the big side of the yard where Mum keeps all her plants and the umbrella and the table and chairs and stuff.  It was really fun.  We were racing around, doing laps around the Murraya tree and having a good bark at anyone who dared to come too close to our house.  Then Heidi found an interesting smell amongst the pot plants.  She said a cane toad was hiding in there somewhere.  So we devised a plan.

The plan was that we would take all the plants out of their pots so that we would be able to see where the toad was.  Good idea!  We started with the bromeliads because they just sort of sit in their pots and don't have any dirt to dig up.  We took them all out and tossed them out onto the grass...only broke a few...and then dragged the pots over to the grass as well.

We had just started to dig out the big spiky thing that Mum calls a Yucca when a man stuck his head up over the gate and shouted at us.
"Naughty dogs!  What are you doing?  Your Mum will be cross when she sees all her plants ripped up!"
It was the man who takes away the garden rubbish bag.  Usually we hear him coming but we must have been too busy with the pots plants to hear him this time.  We got such a fright!  If we had been wearing pants, we would have pooped them!  How dare he sneak up on us like that?

We gave him a jolly good barking which, as it happened, might not have been a good idea because Mum heard all the noise and came outside to see what we were up to. 
Well, like I said, we got into trouble...again. Mum was not happy with us.  We tried to tell her about the toad but she didn't care. We were banished to the garage and the back yard in disgrace for the afternoon. 

When Dad came home, he sat us down and gave us a talking to.  We listened but it didn't make sense to us.  How were we supposed to find the toad without taking the plants out?  No mention was made of the bag man spying on us and scaring five years growth off us.  Sometimes these humans are all just a bit too confusing for me........and if a highly intelligent dog like me is confused, how are the ordinary dogs suppused to cope?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Assault Insult

On Thursday we went to the puppy park.   Yay!  We love it there.  We love to race around, working off excess energy and go sniffing to see who else has been there.  Sometimes we meet other dogs there too.
When we arrived this time we hurried straight down to the large enclosure first, dragging Mum along because she walks too slowly for us sometimes.  There were several large puddles in the big space so Mum said we would go to the little enclosure instead.  We saw there were already two dogs in there so we had to have a greeting sniff at the gate before we could go in.  Angel, the Spoodle and Dudley, a dog of uncertain heritage, welcomed us in and we were soon racing around berserkly together. 

I had brought my sooper dooper red bouncy ball, my favourite toy.  Mum threw it for me so that I could practise jumping up to try to catch it.  Dudley thought he could pick it up too.  I told him his mouth was too little but he kept trying anyway.  Then he started playing soccer with MY sooper dooper red bouncy ball.  How rude!!   I was just about to take my ball when a most outrageous thing happened.  Dudley of the uncertain heritage decided he wanted to dance with me...or something.....he tried to jump up from behind me to do the conga....or something.....but he couldn't reach.  So he came around to the side and put his front paws on my back and started doing his dance.....the limbo....or something.  I was horrified!!  I don't like boy dogs at the best of times.  They smell funny and I definitely didn't want to dance with Dudley. 

I looked around for Mum but she was laughing about something with Dudley's Mum.  No help at all!   Dudley was still doing the limbo....or something....up against my I knocked his legs out from under him, picked up my sooper dooper red bouncy ball and headed for the gate.
I sat there wondering about the propensity of boy dogs to try to steal sooper dooper bouncy balls or to launch into dance manoeuvres at any moment.  Mum came over to give me a cuddle and Heidi set about chasing Dancing Dudley around the enclosure and performing her world famous judo flips on him. 

I finally calmed down and had a lovely time playing with Angel the Spoodle but I refused to have any further contact with Dudley, his uncertain heritage or his dance moves. 
I still don't like boy dogs.