Friday, 22 June 2012


We got into trouble again today.  I guess there's nothing unusual in that.  We get into trouble quite often surprisingly.

Here's what happened.  Heidi and I were having a play out in the big side of the yard where Mum keeps all her plants and the umbrella and the table and chairs and stuff.  It was really fun.  We were racing around, doing laps around the Murraya tree and having a good bark at anyone who dared to come too close to our house.  Then Heidi found an interesting smell amongst the pot plants.  She said a cane toad was hiding in there somewhere.  So we devised a plan.

The plan was that we would take all the plants out of their pots so that we would be able to see where the toad was.  Good idea!  We started with the bromeliads because they just sort of sit in their pots and don't have any dirt to dig up.  We took them all out and tossed them out onto the grass...only broke a few...and then dragged the pots over to the grass as well.

We had just started to dig out the big spiky thing that Mum calls a Yucca when a man stuck his head up over the gate and shouted at us.
"Naughty dogs!  What are you doing?  Your Mum will be cross when she sees all her plants ripped up!"
It was the man who takes away the garden rubbish bag.  Usually we hear him coming but we must have been too busy with the pots plants to hear him this time.  We got such a fright!  If we had been wearing pants, we would have pooped them!  How dare he sneak up on us like that?

We gave him a jolly good barking which, as it happened, might not have been a good idea because Mum heard all the noise and came outside to see what we were up to. 
Well, like I said, we got into trouble...again. Mum was not happy with us.  We tried to tell her about the toad but she didn't care. We were banished to the garage and the back yard in disgrace for the afternoon. 

When Dad came home, he sat us down and gave us a talking to.  We listened but it didn't make sense to us.  How were we supposed to find the toad without taking the plants out?  No mention was made of the bag man spying on us and scaring five years growth off us.  Sometimes these humans are all just a bit too confusing for me........and if a highly intelligent dog like me is confused, how are the ordinary dogs suppused to cope?

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