Monday, 11 June 2012

Assault Insult

On Thursday we went to the puppy park.   Yay!  We love it there.  We love to race around, working off excess energy and go sniffing to see who else has been there.  Sometimes we meet other dogs there too.
When we arrived this time we hurried straight down to the large enclosure first, dragging Mum along because she walks too slowly for us sometimes.  There were several large puddles in the big space so Mum said we would go to the little enclosure instead.  We saw there were already two dogs in there so we had to have a greeting sniff at the gate before we could go in.  Angel, the Spoodle and Dudley, a dog of uncertain heritage, welcomed us in and we were soon racing around berserkly together. 

I had brought my sooper dooper red bouncy ball, my favourite toy.  Mum threw it for me so that I could practise jumping up to try to catch it.  Dudley thought he could pick it up too.  I told him his mouth was too little but he kept trying anyway.  Then he started playing soccer with MY sooper dooper red bouncy ball.  How rude!!   I was just about to take my ball when a most outrageous thing happened.  Dudley of the uncertain heritage decided he wanted to dance with me...or something.....he tried to jump up from behind me to do the conga....or something.....but he couldn't reach.  So he came around to the side and put his front paws on my back and started doing his dance.....the limbo....or something.  I was horrified!!  I don't like boy dogs at the best of times.  They smell funny and I definitely didn't want to dance with Dudley. 

I looked around for Mum but she was laughing about something with Dudley's Mum.  No help at all!   Dudley was still doing the limbo....or something....up against my I knocked his legs out from under him, picked up my sooper dooper red bouncy ball and headed for the gate.
I sat there wondering about the propensity of boy dogs to try to steal sooper dooper bouncy balls or to launch into dance manoeuvres at any moment.  Mum came over to give me a cuddle and Heidi set about chasing Dancing Dudley around the enclosure and performing her world famous judo flips on him. 

I finally calmed down and had a lovely time playing with Angel the Spoodle but I refused to have any further contact with Dudley, his uncertain heritage or his dance moves. 
I still don't like boy dogs. 

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  1. Such is life my friend, such is life............