Wednesday, 28 December 2011

He came....hurray!!

Well, Christmas Eve was a very long day.  I waited and waited for Santa to come.  I sat out in the pool room and looked out of the windows to see his sleigh come flying over.

But nothing.....I even searched the yard.....but nothing.  Mum said we had to go to sleep and in the morning there might be surprises.  And she was right......again.

He came in the night when Heidi and I were asleep because in the morning when all our visitors came over to unwrap the presents, there were presents for us too.  We helped with the unwrapping because we are very good at paper tearing and we found wonderful things.  There were yummy things like pigs'ears and liver treats and a puller thing and some rawhide chews.

And for me......the biggest, most humungous chewy thing ever!  I took it out into the garage to munch on but it was so big I couldn't finish it and I had to hide it under the palm trees outside.  That was a bit of a problem because it kept getting stuck in the doggie door but eventually I got it out.   Heidi got a smaller chewy thing and she wouldn't share it with me.  Pfft! 
Mark put Heidi's chewy thing up on top of the spa so I couldn't get it.
Ha!  I just jumped up there and I was just about to sneak it out to the palm tree
when I was spotted.  Rats!!!  Got in trouble on Christmas Day....oh well.
I still have my big, huge, enormous chewy thing and I love Christmas.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and our Christmas tree is still standing and all the presents under it are still in tact. 
How good is that????  Did we listen to the rules or what!!!!  We are soooo well behaved.
Mum says  that tonight Santa will come to visit everyone who has been good this year and so I am expecting him to visit our place.
Does one bark at Santa or does one just let him in?  'Tis a puzzlement.  I am thinking that he should just be let in, since he is going to be bringing goodies. According to Mum, if one is awake, he won't come at all so I mightn't even know when he sneaks in.
Heidi and I have spotted a present sitting on top of the refrigerator.  What on earth it is doing up there we don't know but it has a definite smell of pig's ears about it.  Mum says we have to wait for tomorrow when everyone is here for the present opening. 
I love opening the presents.  That is my job.  People pass me the parcels and I rip the paper off.  Grrrreat fun and afterwards there is a whole mountain of pretty paper to jump into and have a good roll. 
I love Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone.  I am going to go off to sleep to wait for Santa,

Monday, 19 December 2011

Doctor Sandra says....

So, today mum took Heidi, my brave tiger fighting sister, to see Dr. Sandra. Mum said she wasn't happy with Heidi's war wound and she wanted Dr. Sandra to look at it and it was time for Heidi's annual check up anyway.
I had to stay at home and guard everything all by myself while they were gone.
Doctor Sandra said Heidi had been very brave to go into the bushes when such fierce beasties were out and about but she also said that she had been a very lucky dog because, not only did she have a nasty wound in her front leg but also a wee tiny scratch near the corner of her right eye. So it seems that the wild beastie tried to scratch out Heidi's eye but Heidi turned her head just in time so it got her leg instead.
If the enormous, ferocious, vicious tiger had scratched her eye out, Heidi would maybe have had an eye patch and looked like a pirate dog but as it is she just has some special pills to take.
Dr. Sandra says that next time Heidi thinks she can smell a tiger (or lion or grizzly bear) in the bushes, she has to bark at it and not go in after it.
Easier said than done, I say. A dog is a dog after all and some things just have to be done.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Of course you know this means war!

This is my sister Heidi.
She is a fiesty guard dog just like me especially when it comes to pussycats.  Last night, just before bedtime, Mum sent us outside for a pee, as usual, and as usual we did a quick check of the yard for intruders.  Heidi thought she could smell a pussycat so she raced straight in under the Murraya bushes to ambush it while I came in from the other side.

But this was no ordinary pussycat.  It was a giant, ferocious, nasty, vicious, scratching, enormous, dog-hating, fierce pussycat...probably a tiger....hiding under our bushes.  So when Heidi went in there, the beastly thing clawed her.

Heidi bravely fought back and we both chased the vicious, clawing, spitting, nasty, gigantic tiger out of our yard but poor HoHo has a sore front leg where the
enormous, ferocious, dog-hating beastie attacked her.

There doesn't seem to be any rules about rotten cats coming into our yard but we are not allowed to go into their yards.  And...they don't play fair most of the time....walking along the top of the fence where we can't reach them or sitting on the shed roof and singing silly pussycat songs.  I don't like them at all.  Neither does Heidi. 
So I am on duty by the screen door tonight watching out for lions,tigers and any other sorts of pussycats that might decide to visit and poor wounded Heidi is sleeping beside Mum. 
Woe betide any pussycat who comes into our yard.  They can't get away with beating up my sister!!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bonnie the wonder dog

Our friend Bonnie is doing much better.  Her recent tests have made her family very happy and we are happy too. 
Wags to you Bonnie Boo.  Keep getting better.

Troods and HoHo

Pork chops

I am sulking.  It isn't fair.  I am in trouble again.....for nothing!
Here is what happened.
Heidi and I had our dinner and then Mum started getting dinner ready for her and Dad.
She had a dish out and stuff out on the bench and knives and things all ready.
She was putting something in a dish into the oven and I could see a plastic pack on the bench.  I figured that the stuff in the oven was for Mum and Dad so the plastic pack must be up for grabs.
So I grabbed it.  She didn't see me get it because she was looking the other way.
It was a lovely big juicy pork chop.  I could smell it...yummmo!
I carried it outside and I was just trying to work out how to get it out of the plastic when Mum swooped down on me and took my prize away. 
Dad took it and said it was his.  Unbelievable!!  His??  I was the one who found it, not him!!

And now, where is it?  On the barbecue cooking for his dinner.  So I am sulking.  I can smell it cooking and my mouth is watering but Dad is going to eat it.  Not fair!! 
MY pork for HIM.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Rainy days

Rainy days are such hard work.  To keep the excitement up, we change places every so often so that Heidi can stretch out on the couch and I curl up in the chair.  Hmmm......such a busy life.  Wonder how long it is until dinner? 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Green Tree Frogs

It is raining outside so we are both having what Mum calls a doona day.....sleeping on the bean bags.
The rain is loud on the roof but I can hear the croaky voice of our fat froggy who lives in the pipe that comes down from the roof gutter near the front door.  He sits in there, in his down pipe and sings his froggy songs on warm summer nights and we only ever see him when it rains like this. 
On rainy days he climbs up onto the roof gutter and surveys his kingdom while he sings.  He is a chubby fellow and I would like to get closer to him to have a good look but I can't reach him even if I stand up and jump.  Probably just as well if meeting him would be anything like meeting a cane toad.

They are sort of froggy types too but much more ugly.  Mum says we are not allowed to play with them because they can make us sick.  One night Heidi grabbed one and she started foaming at the mouth and trying to throw up so Mum tipped the entire contents of the water bowl down Heidi's throat to wash her out.  Heidi chucked up a lot of water and then she felt better, so we know we should keep away from toads.  Mum was right again.

But back to green tree frogs.  My question is why do they call them green tree frogs when, obviously,
they live wherever they like.  Our friend, Bonnie the wonder dog, has one visiting her house at the moment and it is playing games in all sorts of funny places....not in a tree.   Our froggy lives in a downpipe....not in a tree.  Our human friend  Suzanne has them living in her of them....little teeny tiny ones.  So they should be called green downpipe frogs, or green toilet frogs, or green bro-mill-ee-ad frogs or whatever.....just my opinion.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Christmas Tree

Yesterday we spent the day watching Mum putting up the Christmas decorations.  This involves a lot of furniture rearrangement, climbing on chairs to reach high spots, dropped thumb tacks (ouch!), lots of  'Get out of the way, Trudy' and last, but not least, the building of the Christmas tree.
Our Christmas tree comes in a box that stays in the back of the cupboard for most of the year but on December 1 out it comes, ready to stand in the corner of the lounge room for a month or so.

Mum managed to put it together by herself.  I offered to assist but my offer was rejected and I was subjected to a lecture on the Rules of the Christmas Tree.

Rule Number 1.     The Christmas Tree is for decorative purposes only and is not to be jumped on   chewed or climbed at any time.  There are no possums hiding at the back of the tree.
Rule Number 2.     The lights on the Christmas Tree are not a game.  Just because they are blinking  on and off and look like they are moving does not mean that one should try to catch them and bite them off.  (See Rule 1 re.decorative purposes only.)

Rule Number 3.     Parcels under the Christmas Tree are strictly out of bounds.  They are to be left alone, untouched and uninterfered with.  Pretty paper shall not be removed just in case there might be gheckos inside.  On Christmas morning, if a helpful dog should volunteer for unwrapping duties, those offers would be happily accepted.   Until then...paws off!!

As if Heidi and I would ever entertain thoughts of investigating the parcels left under the tree or
ferreting out any wildlife in the back branches!!!!  I don't know where Mum gets these ideas. 
Sometimes I think she doesn't trust us.
There was only that one time when one of the parcels smelt a lot like Schmackos............and, well.
it sort of broke open accidentally.

Our Christmas tree looks lovely.  ..and over on the cabinet there are two rows of shiny Christmas baubles.  One row is for the humans in our family and the other row is for the animals.....and in that row one bauble has Trudy written on it and one has Heidi on it.  We are happy Christmas dogs.