Monday, 19 December 2011

Doctor Sandra says....

So, today mum took Heidi, my brave tiger fighting sister, to see Dr. Sandra. Mum said she wasn't happy with Heidi's war wound and she wanted Dr. Sandra to look at it and it was time for Heidi's annual check up anyway.
I had to stay at home and guard everything all by myself while they were gone.
Doctor Sandra said Heidi had been very brave to go into the bushes when such fierce beasties were out and about but she also said that she had been a very lucky dog because, not only did she have a nasty wound in her front leg but also a wee tiny scratch near the corner of her right eye. So it seems that the wild beastie tried to scratch out Heidi's eye but Heidi turned her head just in time so it got her leg instead.
If the enormous, ferocious, vicious tiger had scratched her eye out, Heidi would maybe have had an eye patch and looked like a pirate dog but as it is she just has some special pills to take.
Dr. Sandra says that next time Heidi thinks she can smell a tiger (or lion or grizzly bear) in the bushes, she has to bark at it and not go in after it.
Easier said than done, I say. A dog is a dog after all and some things just have to be done.

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  1. Hey Ho Ho, thats bad ....the good part about mum giving tablets is you get a treat with them, if you dont, you need to write a letter to command central and demand that you get some nice treats ! Dont let her tell you that its not true, 'cos I read the rule book on giving pets pills.. My mum is waiting for my specialist to ring her to see if we can cut some of my tablets out, she has been waiting all day, he must be a bit busy. Good news to cut out some of my pills, but bad news, what about those treats !!! I can smell chocolate high up in that cupboard where all the good stuff lives, wish I was a doberman with stilts and not a cavie ! Barks and sniffs and all that stuff, lay low and keep a clean nose if you know what I mean ! Bonzo