Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and our Christmas tree is still standing and all the presents under it are still in tact. 
How good is that????  Did we listen to the rules or what!!!!  We are soooo well behaved.
Mum says  that tonight Santa will come to visit everyone who has been good this year and so I am expecting him to visit our place.
Does one bark at Santa or does one just let him in?  'Tis a puzzlement.  I am thinking that he should just be let in, since he is going to be bringing goodies. According to Mum, if one is awake, he won't come at all so I mightn't even know when he sneaks in.
Heidi and I have spotted a present sitting on top of the refrigerator.  What on earth it is doing up there we don't know but it has a definite smell of pig's ears about it.  Mum says we have to wait for tomorrow when everyone is here for the present opening. 
I love opening the presents.  That is my job.  People pass me the parcels and I rip the paper off.  Grrrreat fun and afterwards there is a whole mountain of pretty paper to jump into and have a good roll. 
I love Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone.  I am going to go off to sleep to wait for Santa,

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  1. Merry Christmas to all the 2 and 4 legs in your home from all of ours !