Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Green Tree Frogs

It is raining outside so we are both having what Mum calls a doona day.....sleeping on the bean bags.
The rain is loud on the roof but I can hear the croaky voice of our fat froggy who lives in the pipe that comes down from the roof gutter near the front door.  He sits in there, in his down pipe and sings his froggy songs on warm summer nights and we only ever see him when it rains like this. 
On rainy days he climbs up onto the roof gutter and surveys his kingdom while he sings.  He is a chubby fellow and I would like to get closer to him to have a good look but I can't reach him even if I stand up and jump.  Probably just as well if meeting him would be anything like meeting a cane toad.

They are sort of froggy types too but much more ugly.  Mum says we are not allowed to play with them because they can make us sick.  One night Heidi grabbed one and she started foaming at the mouth and trying to throw up so Mum tipped the entire contents of the water bowl down Heidi's throat to wash her out.  Heidi chucked up a lot of water and then she felt better, so we know we should keep away from toads.  Mum was right again.

But back to green tree frogs.  My question is why do they call them green tree frogs when, obviously,
they live wherever they like.  Our friend, Bonnie the wonder dog, has one visiting her house at the moment and it is playing games in all sorts of funny places....not in a tree.   Our froggy lives in a downpipe....not in a tree.  Our human friend  Suzanne has them living in her bro..mill..ee..ads.....lots of them....little teeny tiny ones.  So they should be called green downpipe frogs, or green toilet frogs, or green bro-mill-ee-ad frogs or whatever.....just my opinion.

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