Saturday, 17 December 2011

Of course you know this means war!

This is my sister Heidi.
She is a fiesty guard dog just like me especially when it comes to pussycats.  Last night, just before bedtime, Mum sent us outside for a pee, as usual, and as usual we did a quick check of the yard for intruders.  Heidi thought she could smell a pussycat so she raced straight in under the Murraya bushes to ambush it while I came in from the other side.

But this was no ordinary pussycat.  It was a giant, ferocious, nasty, vicious, scratching, enormous, dog-hating, fierce pussycat...probably a tiger....hiding under our bushes.  So when Heidi went in there, the beastly thing clawed her.

Heidi bravely fought back and we both chased the vicious, clawing, spitting, nasty, gigantic tiger out of our yard but poor HoHo has a sore front leg where the
enormous, ferocious, dog-hating beastie attacked her.

There doesn't seem to be any rules about rotten cats coming into our yard but we are not allowed to go into their yards.  And...they don't play fair most of the time....walking along the top of the fence where we can't reach them or sitting on the shed roof and singing silly pussycat songs.  I don't like them at all.  Neither does Heidi. 
So I am on duty by the screen door tonight watching out for lions,tigers and any other sorts of pussycats that might decide to visit and poor wounded Heidi is sleeping beside Mum. 
Woe betide any pussycat who comes into our yard.  They can't get away with beating up my sister!!!

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  1. This is terrible news guys, I wish I had been in the "hood" I would have helped keep those nasties away, 'cos I snore so loud nothing would be game to come within cooeee of your place. Hope you get better soon, see if your mum has a bandaid, especially the little ones with pictures, they help a lot ! Not so much fun getting them off, but hey, we are super wonder tough guys !!!