Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pork chops

I am sulking.  It isn't fair.  I am in trouble again.....for nothing!
Here is what happened.
Heidi and I had our dinner and then Mum started getting dinner ready for her and Dad.
She had a dish out and stuff out on the bench and knives and things all ready.
She was putting something in a dish into the oven and I could see a plastic pack on the bench.  I figured that the stuff in the oven was for Mum and Dad so the plastic pack must be up for grabs.
So I grabbed it.  She didn't see me get it because she was looking the other way.
It was a lovely big juicy pork chop.  I could smell it...yummmo!
I carried it outside and I was just trying to work out how to get it out of the plastic when Mum swooped down on me and took my prize away. 
Dad took it and said it was his.  Unbelievable!!  His??  I was the one who found it, not him!!

And now, where is it?  On the barbecue cooking for his dinner.  So I am sulking.  I can smell it cooking and my mouth is watering but Dad is going to eat it.  Not fair!! 
MY pork for HIM.

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