Saturday, 13 July 2013

Oh Dear!

You may remember some time ago Mum had a big clean out and found this ball for me. 
Well, today something dreadful happened.
I don't know how it happened. I was just playing with it in my normal very, very gentle way. I didn't do anything, really I didn't.
Heidi was nowhere in sight so it wasn't her fault either.

My beautiful green and black ball suddenly became very unhappy with itself and started to spit its insides out.

I tried to push the insides back in but they kept coming out. I put my paw on the ball to pat it and even more insides became outsides. So I took it to Mum and she said she didn't know how to fix my ball,
She said she would try to push all the insides back in and stitch through the material to hold it all together. BUT she would only give a half hour guarantee on her work.  She said I must have been too rough.

I was insulted by this suggestion and gave her my most pathetic look. She said she would try to fix it but I must not hold out a lot of hope for its survival.

Oh dear. They just don't make balls like they used to. Thank Goodness I still have my super dooper red high bouncy ball.
I wonder where I left that?  Hmmm.?