Friday, 15 August 2014

Wet Days

Today is a wet and miserable day.  
Heidi and I are curled up on the couches sulking.
Mum has absolutely refused to do anything about the wet weather. Dad has absolutely refused to get out of bed.
He claims to have something called 'Man Flu'.  This is something that causes him to kick Heidi off the big bed every time she hops up there. Heidi tried to inform him that she was there in her capacity as Assistant Comfort Director, but he just snorted rudely at her.  I tried a toe lick, which he normally accepts with good grace, but was advised to remove myself from his presence immediately.
So we have joined Mum in the living room.  She coffee. We have been issued with treats, but that has not calmed our wet weather sulking.

Wet weather makes life difficult for dogs.  

One has to be extremely quick when taking care of business in the back yard.

One cannot spend a peaceful ten minutes digging around the palm trees or barking at Otto the Rat who lives on the other side of the fence.

One has to have one's paws dried every time one re-enters the house.  This is particularly vexing for HoHo.  She does not appreciate her paws being touched.

One cannot perform one's security patrols to ensure that the property is not being invaded by vicious, spitting, snarling pussycats.  Even Kahlua, our exotic Burmese feline neighbour with whom we have a mutual avoidance arrangement, has retreated to the top of a bookshelf in his lounge room.

One has to deal with cooler temperatures. This is being exaggerated for us today, as we spent yesterday being bathed and clipped by Miss Anna at the dog spa.  She cheerfully removed the woolly suits that we had been wearing for the past couple of months.  Now one is a Skinny Minnie instead of Big Blonde Dog.  Brrr.

We will continue to lie here on our couches, curled in tight, tight circles until the weather gods deign to return the sun to the sky, thus allowing normal activities to resume.

Yours Sulkily,
Skinny Minnie (aka BBD).