Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Heroic Hounds Save the Day!

Nothing much has been happening around our place for some time.

Life has gone on as usual - breakfast, snooze, walks, snooze, play outside, check on Otto the Rat next door, snooze, compare notes with Kailua the brown cat over the back fence, tell Mum it is nearly dinnertime, wait patiently, tell Mum it is dinnertime, eat, check the backyard, snooze, welcome Dad home, snooze,  pre-bed snack, check backyard for possums, bedtime. Just the usual routine.

However, on Saturday, Mum and Dad headed off to the shops to buy food as they usually do, leaving us on the eastern side of the house. We have a good-sized piece of garden to play in and we can get into the garage where our bed cubbies are.

So we waited for them to come home. Heidi and I always get nice meaty bones after Mum and Dad come home from shopping. Someone called "Butcher" provides them.

After a while, Heidi thought that she heard a noise in the house. She went down to the laundry door to have a look and a sniff. She came running back to tell me that there was definitely something going on inside the house.

This seemed odd to me because I had not heard Dad's car on the driveway.

We waited quietly.  The noises became louder. We could hear cupboards opening and things being tipped out on the floor. We went back out to the laundry door and saw......PEOPLE......IN OUR HOUSE.

Heidi and I had a bit of a bark at that point. Who were these people and what were they doing to our stuff?  Our barking didn't seem to bother them. They were busy making a mess and hardly gave us a second look when they saw us through the glass door of the laundry.

We dashed back to the garage. We sat quietly and listened. Heidi went to bed. She said the acoustics were better inside her cubby. Pfft!

And then it happened.....

I heard footsteps coming along the corridor.

I waited.

The garage door opened........and......


Heidi followed behind me barking berserkly.

You should have seen the faces of those intruders!  The woman took her belt off and tried to hit me with it, but I ducked out of the way and went for one of the men. He dropped the bags he was holding and ran for it. So did the woman. The other guy had one of our television sets and was already on his way out to his car. There was nothing we could do to stop him. They went out the back door and closed it so we couldn't go after them. We kept barking as loudly as we could. "They're getting away! They're getting away!"

Our neighbour from across the road heard our noise and came to see what was happening.  He ran across the street and started wrestling with one of the men.

Just then, we heard Dad's car outside. We rushed to the front door as Mum and Dad were coming in.
They saw right away what had happened.
Mum looked out the window and saw the intruders in the lay-by. Dad raced out to help our neighbour while Mum rang the police.

The intruders managed to drive away, but not without damage. Our neighbour punched one man and broke his nose, Dad injured the other man's face as well, and the two of them smashed the car's windscreen.

 The policemen came quickly and pronounced HoHo and I to be heroes. They said that it was clear that the intruders would have escaped with a lot more than one tv set if it hadn't been for us.
We accepted meaty bones as our reward.
The television set they did not take. Can you see the bags all full of Mum's pretty shoes that they were going to steal?

The cheeky devils used every bag they could find, even pillow cases, to pack things into.

Here I am guarding Mum while the police people dust for paw and fingerprints. One has to keep out of their way while they do this. I was willing to help, but was informed my services were not necessary.

You will be pleased to know that the police caught those rotten intruders. We didn't get our television set back though. The main thing, according to Mum and Dad, is that we are all safe and sound.

Mum said she was very proud of her valiant dogs and gave us big cuddles and extra treats.

Warning to potential house breakers: