Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Such a Clever Dog.

Today started out as an overcast day.  There were lots of grey clouds around but it was also very hot.
Mum got herself organised to go out but, before she left, she put a whole of things out on the washing line.

She puts them out there to dry off in the sun. I am not allowed to touch things on the washing line. This was made clear after the great sheet shredding of 2007.  Hmmm.

BUT….while Mum was out, the clouds became darker and then it started to rumble.  Heidi headed off to bed since she couldn't get inside to go into the walk in closet.
It began to rain lightly and there was even more rumbling.

I looked at Mum's things on the washing line.
I was worried on two counts, a)  I don't like rumbly, crashing, banging storms and
                                               b)  I knew Mum wouldn't be happy if all her things got wet again.

So, I decided to bring them inside.   I jumped up and grabbed each piece off the line and brought them into the garage.  I had about half of the washing inside when I heard Mum's car on the driveway.

Mum saw the washing on the floor and, for a minute, I thought she wasn't going to understand what had happened.
I ran outside to get another item of laundry. Mum got the message and came out with me.
She pulled the rest of the things down quickly and brought them inside.
She gathered up the things I had brought in already and told me I was a good, clever dog.

HOWEVER I am given to understand that this was an isolated event and did not in any way contravene the rules pertaining to laundry.  Seems the great sheet shredding may not yet be entirely forgotten.  

But I am a GOOD CLEVER DOG.   

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Phantom Strikes Again.

 Oh no!  Dad's t-shirt stashed out in the garden.   Looks a bit chewed and dribbled on.   Oh dear!

Whoever could have done such a terrible, terrible thing?

It could only have been……duh, duh, daaaaahhhhh….pause for sinister music….

                                                         THE PHANTOM.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Dragon

Mum and I went for walk today down to the lake.

All the usual beasties were there - the black swans, the ducks and the lizards.  But, as were coming along past the amphitheatre, I saw a dragon.  It stuck its big head up out of the bushes and looked around.

 It had a big long neck and a teeny tiny head.  It looked like it was holding something on a long string.

I rushed up the slope to have a look.  Mum said to calm down but I was in no mood to be calm.  How dare a dragon come to my lake.  What was it holding?  I had to know.

So Mum and I walked right up to the top of the slope and right over to the fence so that I could see what was happening.

That dragon had captured two men and put them into a big metal cage.  It was dangling the metal cage over the water filter thing on the side of the lake.   How dangerous is that?  The water filter thing catches any lumpy bits of leaves and branches and chops them up so that they can go down the drains easily.  If that dragon dropped those men in there,  they would be chopped up too.  I was horrified.

The two men in the metal cage waved at me.  They were obviously trying to get my attention so that I could go for help.  I barked at them that I would save them.  Mum said to be quiet.  What the…!
Didn't she realise what was going on?  I was trying to be a hero.

Then the men did a really strange thing.  They barked back at me……and they didn't even speak proper dog language.  What had that dragon done to them to make them think that they could communicate with a dog as brilliant as me simply by making unintelligible noises.

Mum said to leave them alone and to stop making so much noise.  We moved on.  I guess if you are silly enough to let a dragon catch you and stick you in a metal cage and dangle you over a branch munching water filter thingy, you don't really deserve to be rescued anyway - certainly not by me.

Cycle of life, I'd say.

Their lunch box smelled pretty good though…..Mum wouldn't let me have a look inside that.

Ah well, cycle of life.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Little Bit of Dad Time

When Dad comes home from work, we like to have a little bit of Dad time.  This is how I like to spend my Dad time.

First, I just like to hop up on the chair with him.  I don't think he really minds if I block his view of the television.  It is usually only some sort of golf show, so that can't be very important.

While I am up there, he asks me if I have been a good dog all day.  I tell him how I have been helping Mum with all the things she likes to do.  Today I told him how I had helped with the mopping by drinking the dirty water out of the bucket and by licking the newly mopped floor dry.

Dad usually gives a spinal rub while I am sitting there.  Eventually it makes me go all floppy.  I collapse backwards in a none too elegant manner.  Ooh, that doesn't look very lady-like, does it?

Dad rearranges me so that we are both more comfortable and then he tickles my chin.  I love that.  Sometimes I even sing a little bit with delight.
I go in for a kiss because Dad looks like he wants one but he is too quick for me and pushes my head away.  Darn it!  One of my favourite tricks is to give him a big wet sloppy kiss and slip the tongue in if I can.  HaHa!  

And, finally a neck scratch.
Oh yes, that's the spot.  Don't stop!  

Dad time is one of my favourite times of the day.  
It is second only to dinner time.