Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Such a Clever Dog.

Today started out as an overcast day.  There were lots of grey clouds around but it was also very hot.
Mum got herself organised to go out but, before she left, she put a whole of things out on the washing line.

She puts them out there to dry off in the sun. I am not allowed to touch things on the washing line. This was made clear after the great sheet shredding of 2007.  Hmmm.

BUT….while Mum was out, the clouds became darker and then it started to rumble.  Heidi headed off to bed since she couldn't get inside to go into the walk in closet.
It began to rain lightly and there was even more rumbling.

I looked at Mum's things on the washing line.
I was worried on two counts, a)  I don't like rumbly, crashing, banging storms and
                                               b)  I knew Mum wouldn't be happy if all her things got wet again.

So, I decided to bring them inside.   I jumped up and grabbed each piece off the line and brought them into the garage.  I had about half of the washing inside when I heard Mum's car on the driveway.

Mum saw the washing on the floor and, for a minute, I thought she wasn't going to understand what had happened.
I ran outside to get another item of laundry. Mum got the message and came out with me.
She pulled the rest of the things down quickly and brought them inside.
She gathered up the things I had brought in already and told me I was a good, clever dog.

HOWEVER I am given to understand that this was an isolated event and did not in any way contravene the rules pertaining to laundry.  Seems the great sheet shredding may not yet be entirely forgotten.  

But I am a GOOD CLEVER DOG.   

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