Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Dragon

Mum and I went for walk today down to the lake.

All the usual beasties were there - the black swans, the ducks and the lizards.  But, as were coming along past the amphitheatre, I saw a dragon.  It stuck its big head up out of the bushes and looked around.

 It had a big long neck and a teeny tiny head.  It looked like it was holding something on a long string.

I rushed up the slope to have a look.  Mum said to calm down but I was in no mood to be calm.  How dare a dragon come to my lake.  What was it holding?  I had to know.

So Mum and I walked right up to the top of the slope and right over to the fence so that I could see what was happening.

That dragon had captured two men and put them into a big metal cage.  It was dangling the metal cage over the water filter thing on the side of the lake.   How dangerous is that?  The water filter thing catches any lumpy bits of leaves and branches and chops them up so that they can go down the drains easily.  If that dragon dropped those men in there,  they would be chopped up too.  I was horrified.

The two men in the metal cage waved at me.  They were obviously trying to get my attention so that I could go for help.  I barked at them that I would save them.  Mum said to be quiet.  What the…!
Didn't she realise what was going on?  I was trying to be a hero.

Then the men did a really strange thing.  They barked back at me……and they didn't even speak proper dog language.  What had that dragon done to them to make them think that they could communicate with a dog as brilliant as me simply by making unintelligible noises.

Mum said to leave them alone and to stop making so much noise.  We moved on.  I guess if you are silly enough to let a dragon catch you and stick you in a metal cage and dangle you over a branch munching water filter thingy, you don't really deserve to be rescued anyway - certainly not by me.

Cycle of life, I'd say.

Their lunch box smelled pretty good though…..Mum wouldn't let me have a look inside that.

Ah well, cycle of life.

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