Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wintery Mornings

It is winter now.  In the  mornings, when Mum comes to open the back door for us, it is still dark. We quickly zip out to check the back yard to make sure everything is just where we left it last night. Then we go back into our snug cubby beds.
With the back door open, there is a definite coolness drifting into the garage and up and around our nether portions. Brr.

We can hear Dad moving around doing his showering and face-scraping activities. So, we go into the lounge and curl up on the chairs.

And we wait,

and we wait........

until we hear the click of the front door and the noise of the car starting up. That means that Dad has gone off to work. 

We creep down the hall to the bedroom where Mum and Dad sleep.  They have a lovely big bed and, when Dad has left, Mum goes back to sleep for a while.  There is a whole side of that really big bed unoccupied. So we have decided that it would be very helpful thing if we were to keep that side warm for Mum. We wouldn't want her to feel lonely in that really big bed.

Heidi goes to check on Mum. She snuffles her face up as high as she can to touch Mum's hand or face or whatever she can reach.  If Mum is still awake, we have to be content to lie on the floor next to the really big bed and wait a bit longer.
But if Mum is asleep, we ever so quietly and gently hop up onto the bed beside her.  
Hee hee.
Heidi goes up near Dad's pillow, because she is lighter and can step more gently than me. I have big paws and I tend to be heavy footed (according to Heidi) no matter how careful I am.
I settle down at the bottom of the really big bed.  
It is so comfortable and so snuggly. We curl up and go to sleep until Mum wakes up.
It is the perfect crime.  

There is only one thing that can go wrong.  

Sometimes a particularly putrid odour wafts around the room.  Where it comes from, I am not sure...but when that happens, Mum becomes aware of our presence. We are then requested, none too politely, to leave the bedroom and return to our own beds.  Pfft!

However, in my opinion, winter mornings are rather pleasant when one can share a comfy bed with one's human.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Invasion of the Tree Snatchers.

My after treats morning nap was rudely interrupted by a very loud noise.
As I am an expert and highly-experienced guard dog, I was instantly on the alert. I rushed outside to check the backyard.  The noise was coming from our next-door neighbour's yard - where Kahlua lives.
Kahlua is a cat of the Burmese variety.  Heidi and I have an arrangement with Kahlua.  He stays on his side of the fence and we stay on ours.  He sits on top of his shed and gazes in our direction. We give a cursory bark and proceed to ignore him.  He sings his catty songs at night when the moon is full. We join in.  All is in order between Kahlua and us.

This morning, however, Kahlua's humans were up to no good.  Not content with cutting down two trees in their own garden, they were stealing our tree as well.

 I gave them a jolly good barking.  They kept attacking our tree.  I rushed back in to wake Heidi up so that she could add weight to the barking assault.  Even then they worked on.

I hurried to find Mum.  She was having a shower and was not interested in  my knocking on the bathroom door. So I resorted to finding Dad.

He was reading his newspaper and did not show any interest in my concern about the tree snatchers.

Things were getting desperate.  They had already taken all the leafy part of the tree.

Mum emerged from her shower and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to cease and desist my barking.  She was perfectly content to allow these humans to steal our tree.
This, I suppose, should not have been a surprise to me. Mum has a thing about leaves. She is forever sweeping them up and putting them in the garden bag.
I assumed a pose of complete desolation at the door and watched as the tree was cut down.

They even came into our yard....MY get the last bits.  I was horrified.

So now, the tree is gone.  Mum and Dad are happy.  Dad says he won't have to worry so much about cleaning out the gutters and Mum is happy about fewer leaves to clear up.

Heidi and I were given soothing bones to ease our injured guard dog pride.

I have made a formal request to be advised in advance if there are to be any further instances of tree snatching so that I can prepare myself for the shock.

After all,  as you all know, I am a very sensitive (and very beautiful) dog.  

The Waiting Game

Today I have been waiting....


and pacing....

and waiting.

Why?  Because Mum said that our prize should come today.  
We were very excited about our prize and we could hardly wait for the postman to come by.

But, when he came, he didn't bring anything for Heidi and me, just a couple of letters for Mum.
I couldn't believe it.  
Where was our prize?  Surely the lovely people at Kanine Dog Treats hadn't forgotten us.

Mum said we might just have to wait another day.  (Sigh.)  Waiting is very hard for me.

So when dad arrived home with a package under his arm, we were  really excited.  
We jumped around and barked and tried to help Mum unpack everything.

Look what we got!!!

Four packets of goodies.  

Heidi inspected them with me. She said they are not the same as the ones we had before...ham and cheese flavour and not the breath fresh ones either.  These ones are different.  
We have Chicken, Apple, Burgundy beef and a Mixed pack.  Wow!

I chose to start with the chicken ones because there were little ones, just right for Heidi's delicate little mouth, and big ones for my big gob. 

Dad made us sit down and remember our manners before we tried a biscuit each. 

We were only allowed to have one each...pfft!   Mum said our bellies were already full because we had just had our dinner.  Boo!  
I am quite sure I could have eaten a whole packet without any trouble at all. 

Now all our yummy treats are in the cupboard.  We will be having some more tomorrow.
Mum says there are no nasty chemicals in these treats and that is why they are so delicious.

Our Rating:  Two tails up!

Monday, 2 June 2014

We Are Winners

Do you remember what I wrote about treats a few days ago?
We had received some of the really yummy treats that our other humans buy for us at the markets.  We really like these treats.

Well, as a result of my attempts to treat myself, we have won a competition.

Mum sent a picture of us with the treat packet to the folks over at Kanine Homemade Dog Treats for their competition and...


They are going to send us a month's worth of their delicious dog treats.

I am just wondering what the people at Kanine think a month's worth of treats looks like.
I wonder if their ideas and mine match.  Mum says probably not.

Got to go....have to wait for the postman to come.