Friday, 6 June 2014

Invasion of the Tree Snatchers.

My after treats morning nap was rudely interrupted by a very loud noise.
As I am an expert and highly-experienced guard dog, I was instantly on the alert. I rushed outside to check the backyard.  The noise was coming from our next-door neighbour's yard - where Kahlua lives.
Kahlua is a cat of the Burmese variety.  Heidi and I have an arrangement with Kahlua.  He stays on his side of the fence and we stay on ours.  He sits on top of his shed and gazes in our direction. We give a cursory bark and proceed to ignore him.  He sings his catty songs at night when the moon is full. We join in.  All is in order between Kahlua and us.

This morning, however, Kahlua's humans were up to no good.  Not content with cutting down two trees in their own garden, they were stealing our tree as well.

 I gave them a jolly good barking.  They kept attacking our tree.  I rushed back in to wake Heidi up so that she could add weight to the barking assault.  Even then they worked on.

I hurried to find Mum.  She was having a shower and was not interested in  my knocking on the bathroom door. So I resorted to finding Dad.

He was reading his newspaper and did not show any interest in my concern about the tree snatchers.

Things were getting desperate.  They had already taken all the leafy part of the tree.

Mum emerged from her shower and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to cease and desist my barking.  She was perfectly content to allow these humans to steal our tree.
This, I suppose, should not have been a surprise to me. Mum has a thing about leaves. She is forever sweeping them up and putting them in the garden bag.
I assumed a pose of complete desolation at the door and watched as the tree was cut down.

They even came into our yard....MY get the last bits.  I was horrified.

So now, the tree is gone.  Mum and Dad are happy.  Dad says he won't have to worry so much about cleaning out the gutters and Mum is happy about fewer leaves to clear up.

Heidi and I were given soothing bones to ease our injured guard dog pride.

I have made a formal request to be advised in advance if there are to be any further instances of tree snatching so that I can prepare myself for the shock.

After all,  as you all know, I am a very sensitive (and very beautiful) dog.  

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