Friday, 6 June 2014

The Waiting Game

Today I have been waiting....


and pacing....

and waiting.

Why?  Because Mum said that our prize should come today.  
We were very excited about our prize and we could hardly wait for the postman to come by.

But, when he came, he didn't bring anything for Heidi and me, just a couple of letters for Mum.
I couldn't believe it.  
Where was our prize?  Surely the lovely people at Kanine Dog Treats hadn't forgotten us.

Mum said we might just have to wait another day.  (Sigh.)  Waiting is very hard for me.

So when dad arrived home with a package under his arm, we were  really excited.  
We jumped around and barked and tried to help Mum unpack everything.

Look what we got!!!

Four packets of goodies.  

Heidi inspected them with me. She said they are not the same as the ones we had before...ham and cheese flavour and not the breath fresh ones either.  These ones are different.  
We have Chicken, Apple, Burgundy beef and a Mixed pack.  Wow!

I chose to start with the chicken ones because there were little ones, just right for Heidi's delicate little mouth, and big ones for my big gob. 

Dad made us sit down and remember our manners before we tried a biscuit each. 

We were only allowed to have one each...pfft!   Mum said our bellies were already full because we had just had our dinner.  Boo!  
I am quite sure I could have eaten a whole packet without any trouble at all. 

Now all our yummy treats are in the cupboard.  We will be having some more tomorrow.
Mum says there are no nasty chemicals in these treats and that is why they are so delicious.

Our Rating:  Two tails up!


  1. Adorable and hilarious! I love the photos too, thanks for sharing :)
    Enjoy your treats, I'm sure none of you will have any peace until they're all gone hehehe and on that note, I don't think I will be showing this post to Baxter & Dorothy because they'll get jealous and won't give me any peace haha!

    1. We are working our way through the Satay Chicken flavoured ones at the moment. Dad claims we are producing remarkably smelly farts. Must be all the natural ingredients. :)