Thursday, 13 February 2014

Treasure Count February

Here is this month's treasure count so far.

Found:      Socks…………...7 black work socks,  6 white golf socks
                  Underpants…….2 white, 1 black

Retrieved by Mum:    Socks……….6 black work socks, 6 white golf socks
                                     Underpants….2 white, 1 black  (It took her a while to find the black pair but she has to be credited with the score.)

Still in secret hiding place:     1 black work sock

Damaged beyond saving:       1 white sock, 1 pair white underpants.

Final Score:    Big Blonde Dog:  16            Mum:  13

I am feeling quite pleased with my efforts so far this month.  I have been able to keep one sock safely stashed and have rendered two items unusable.  

I have also removed one bread roll from the kitchen bench, shredded a magazine, chewed up a tea bag…didn't like it much so spat it out on the carpet, and managed to have three naps on the spare bed without being disturbed.  

I have rolled in possum poop once and eaten cat poop twice.  (Mmmmm…cat poop…yummo)

I have managed to keep Heidi out of my bed and I have scared the socks off two sets of door knocking salespeople.  (Mum says I get extra points for doing that.)

All in all a good month so far.  I am staking out the kitchen right now because Mum has something in the slow cooker that smells really good.  Perhaps there will be some tasty tidbits for a well-behaved dog.

Have a nice Valentines Day everyone. 
 Big Slurps!