Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Taste Test

This is a tomato.  My humans eat them regularly. 

I found one. It was on the bench. So I took it.

I took it outside.  I tasted it.  

It was YUKKO!

So I brought it back.  Mum can have it if she wants it.

It failed my taste test.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Treats and the Rules Thereof

On the weekend we had a visit from some of our human family. Apparently Mum was to be celebrated for some reason. 
Heidi and I were very excited to see them, especially when they produced a bag of treats for us.

We were issued with a couple of treats each.  They were delicious - breath-freshening too, according to the packet. Why I would need to have my breath freshened, I have no idea, but I am happy to go along with the idea if treats are involved.

On Monday Mum promised us a treat but her telephone rang and she put the packet of treats on the table while she talked to whoever was calling. 

So that she wouldn't have to worry about feeding us, I decided to take the packet myself.  Such a helpful and considerate dog am I. Of course, I was going to share with Heidi - possibly.

Imagine my surprise when Mum grabbed the packet from me and proceeded to lecture me on 
The Rules pertaining to Treats.

  1. Treat packets are only to be opened by Mum, Dad or a visiting human.
  2. If one should see a packet of treats lying on a table or bench, one must not try to take it.
  3. If one is caught trying to take a packet of treats, one will be deprived of said treats.
  4. A second infringement will result in more serious deprivations.
  5. Good well-mannered dogs get treats.  
  6. One has to sit and offer a thankful paw before one receives a treat.

Oops!  Sprung!

Darn it!  Caught again!

Why must humans be so difficult?