Friday, 1 November 2013

Ho Ho to the Rescue

An ugly bug came buzzing through our house today.
It came in through the garage when we went out to play.

It flew into the kitchen and smashed into the wall.
It lay unmoving on the floor so Mum thought that was all.

She went to get the dustpan to sweep the thing away
And I arrived to help her but just got in the way.

The bug then resurrected and flashed across the room.
It bounced up to the ceiling then shot downwards with a zoom.

I saw it coming for me so I went into a spin.
The bug dive-bombed me several times. I swear it wore a grin.

I performed my famous vertical leap. Didn't want that bug on me.
The ghastly beastie sensed my fear and would not let me be.

It buzzed around my head and ears. I couldn't get away.
Then SuperHero Heidi arrived to save the day.

She raced into the family room and assumed a battle stance.
The bug began  to circle in a fiendish bugly dance.

Heidi stood as still as stone.  She was so very cool.
The bug flew ever closer….silly little fool.

Past her ear - a daring dart, around her nose, it flit.
And when it buzzed past Heidi's mouth……she promptly swallowed it!