Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Little Bit of Dad Time

When Dad comes home from work, we like to have a little bit of Dad time.  This is how I like to spend my Dad time.

First, I just like to hop up on the chair with him.  I don't think he really minds if I block his view of the television.  It is usually only some sort of golf show, so that can't be very important.

While I am up there, he asks me if I have been a good dog all day.  I tell him how I have been helping Mum with all the things she likes to do.  Today I told him how I had helped with the mopping by drinking the dirty water out of the bucket and by licking the newly mopped floor dry.

Dad usually gives a spinal rub while I am sitting there.  Eventually it makes me go all floppy.  I collapse backwards in a none too elegant manner.  Ooh, that doesn't look very lady-like, does it?

Dad rearranges me so that we are both more comfortable and then he tickles my chin.  I love that.  Sometimes I even sing a little bit with delight.
I go in for a kiss because Dad looks like he wants one but he is too quick for me and pushes my head away.  Darn it!  One of my favourite tricks is to give him a big wet sloppy kiss and slip the tongue in if I can.  HaHa!  

And, finally a neck scratch.
Oh yes, that's the spot.  Don't stop!  

Dad time is one of my favourite times of the day.  
It is second only to dinner time.

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