Wednesday, 28 December 2011

He came....hurray!!

Well, Christmas Eve was a very long day.  I waited and waited for Santa to come.  I sat out in the pool room and looked out of the windows to see his sleigh come flying over.

But nothing.....I even searched the yard.....but nothing.  Mum said we had to go to sleep and in the morning there might be surprises.  And she was right......again.

He came in the night when Heidi and I were asleep because in the morning when all our visitors came over to unwrap the presents, there were presents for us too.  We helped with the unwrapping because we are very good at paper tearing and we found wonderful things.  There were yummy things like pigs'ears and liver treats and a puller thing and some rawhide chews.

And for me......the biggest, most humungous chewy thing ever!  I took it out into the garage to munch on but it was so big I couldn't finish it and I had to hide it under the palm trees outside.  That was a bit of a problem because it kept getting stuck in the doggie door but eventually I got it out.   Heidi got a smaller chewy thing and she wouldn't share it with me.  Pfft! 
Mark put Heidi's chewy thing up on top of the spa so I couldn't get it.
Ha!  I just jumped up there and I was just about to sneak it out to the palm tree
when I was spotted.  Rats!!!  Got in trouble on Christmas Day....oh well.
I still have my big, huge, enormous chewy thing and I love Christmas.

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  1. Hey Bonnie....did Santa come to your house too?
    We are guessing he did because you have been sick so you couldn't have been naughty.