Monday, 2 January 2012

A funny weekend

We have had a funny weekend.  On Saturday morning Mum and Dad got dressed up and packed little bags and went out.  Then, in the evening, Mark and Eliza (two of our humans who don't live with us usually) arrived and stayed all night.  Mum and Dad didn't come home. 
This confused us. We had a wrestling game with Mark and our usual late night treat but still, no Mum and Dad.  In the middle of the night Heidi decided to try to find out what was happening, so she went and hopped into bed with Mark and Eliza.  She tried to ask them where Mum and Dad were but they just tipped her out onto the floor and closed the bedroom door.  I knocked but they didn't let me in.

The next day, Sunday, breakfast was not served at the usual time but dinner was early because Mark and Eliza went out. Then, later on, they came back again and stayed all night again.  By this time I was really confused and wondering where my Mummy was.  Mark said I was a big sook.!!!!  Mum and Dad came home.  We were very happy.  We did one of our best welcomes with jumping and vocalising and squeaking.  Now, everything is back to normal.  Dinner has been served at the proper time and Heidi is having her after dinner nap near the couch.
All is well in my world. 

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  1. Oh Trudes, I feel the same when my mum goes away! From Bax