Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Behind the bamboo curtain

Down in the bottom corner of our garden there is a deep, dark, interesting place.  It is where the side fence meets the back fence and behind the massive leopard tree.  On the other side of the side fence is the park and on the other side of the back fence is where Bundy, the German Shepherd, and Otto (aka the Rat), the chihuahua live. It is always shaded and mysterious looking and, because the trees drop their litter there, it smells really interesting to a curious dog. 
Mum doesn't want us to go down there.  She says she doesn't know what lives in there.  Well, how are we supposed to find out what lives in there if we don't go exploring?
Mum has put up a light bamboo fence across the corner.  It is attached to the fences and to the leopard tree and is about 1.8m high.  Pfft!
I can't see around it.  I can't see over it even where I stand up and jump and I am not a wombat so I can't dig tunnel under it.  Heidi has tried but with no success.

Yesterday, while I was studying the bamboo fence and smelling all sorts of good smells coming from the other side, I decided that I had to get into the deep, dark, interesting corner somehow.
So, when you can't go around, and you can't go over, and you can't go under.....what do you do?
You go through.  That's what you do.

I took a run up and the biggest leap that I could and went sailing straight through the bamboo curtain. 
Mum and Dad were sitting on the patio at the time and, boy, were they surprised to see a flying dog!
One minute, there I was in the garden and, the next, I was nowhere to be seen and there was a big hole in the bamboo.  I popped my head up to smile at them. 

But then.....what was that?  A rustling?  A scuffling?  The leaves and twigs seemed to be moving under my paws.  I started to be a bit worried.  Was this where the huge, fierce, scratching, vicious tiger that attacked Heidi lived?  I couldn't see anything but I could smell interesting smells and I could hear odd things so......I wanted to get out of there.  But how?  I couldn't jump out because I couldn't get a run up.
I couldn't go around and I couldn't go under. Eeek!!

I poked my head out the hole in the bamboo curtain and whined so that Mum andDad would come and help me.  They just laughed and laughed.  I could hear the tiger coming to get me.....rustle, I really started to cry and whine and jump.  They still laughed at me.

Eventually, Dad came and undid the bamboo at one end and released me.  I got out of there as quickly as I went in....zoom.....and went to tell Heidi about my adventure behind the bamboo curtain.

P.S.  We are banned from that part of the garden until Dad comes up with a new fencing solution.

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  1. Must have been hilarious ! Time for a video camera ....