Saturday, 21 January 2012

Heidi's New Year's Resolution

Heidi has decided that sleeping on the floor, or on the couch, or even in our beds in the garage is not good enough for her anymore. 

She has decided that as a VIP,  (very important pet), she is entitled to a far more comfortable arrangement sleeping-wise.  So her New Year's Resolution is to sleep in the same bed as Mum and Dad. 

She considered this very carefully and constructed a plan that would enable her to insinuate her way into the bed without anyone really noticing.  In fact, she started putting her plan into action last year so that, by the time the new year rolled around, she would be ready to move on to the final step...entering the bed.  I am so proud to have her for a sister.  She is so clever.....devious but really clever. six months ago, when the weather was a bit chilly, Heidi thought the time was right for Operation Doona to be launched.  She began going into Mum's walk-in cupboard to sleep.  Mum was a bit surprised but she thought it was just that Heidi was cold and let it happen. Ha!!  Phase One.....complete.

As the months passed, Heidi continued to sleep in the walk-in wardrobe and Mum and Dad just accepted it as a new habit.  Heidi does have some some strange habits but that is a whole other story.
As the weather became warmer, Heidi moved out of the cupboard and closer to the bed, usually ending up on the floor right beside Mum or at the foot of the bed.  Mum and Dad thought she was trying to be in the cool air from the ceiling fan.  Ha!! Phase Two....complete!!

Then, last week, the moment was right.  It was hot so Mum and Dad had taken the doona off the bed so there was plenty of room at the bottom.  Heidi waited until everyone was asleep and quietly hopped up onto the bed and curled up in a tight, tight ball.  Nobody moved.  Success!  On the bed, under the fan....soooo comfortable....until....Mum decided to stretch out and roll over.  Heidi found herself back on the floor very quickly.   

So now, it has become a battle of wills.  Every night Mum and Dad go to sleep in their big bed.  Every night Heidi waits until the right moment and sneaks up onto the bed.  Some nights she gets to stay for quite a long time and some nights she is booted out almost immediately.  Heidi maintains these are only minor setbacks and that, eventually, the humans will realise that there is no point in fighting the inevitable and let her sleep in comfort. 

My only problem with this is that I can't fit up there as well.  I am just a little bit too big to be able to sneak anywhere.  So I content myself with lying across the doorway and watching as Heidi tries to keep her New Year's Resolution.

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  1. Heidi, we do face challenges in life, do we not ?? we sure do earn our stripes, and then we are expected to be living like poor folk, a comfy bed is the very least we can expect, nice steak, and good air con is also a requirement, if they our parents with 2 legs are not keen to share the comfy bedding, they can go sleep on the couch or floor or excuse me "kennel" woffs and wags from Bonnie the wonderdog..(ps if times get too tough, e-mail me I will rescue you, but dont tell my mum, she will have a hissy fit !!)