Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain, rain, rain.

We don't like rain. 
We do like the puddles it creates....but we don't like rain. 
It has been raining and raining and raining at our place.  It makes a lot of noise on the roof of the pool room which frightens Heidi, but not me, of course.  It means we don't get to go out for a walk or to the puppy park.  Pfft!!!
Even going out for a pee is a problem.  Usually a rainy day just means we have to be quick when popping outside for a pee and, if you stay under the eaves of the house, you can stay dry.  Mum puts towels near the garage door for us to wipe our feet on when we come back in.  Heidi is good at that but I have big feet and it is hard to get them dry so Mum has to help me sometimes.
Last night the water outside was so deep that it wasn't just our feet getting wet.  Assuming the necessary position meant that our bottoms were in the water too.  Mum accepted Heidi's formal protest about the appalling conditions and put some newspapers down in the back corner of the garage for us to use in case of emergency. 
I was tempted to go for a bit of a roll out near the palm trees this morning but Mum said if I did I wouldn't be allowed back in the house.  
Thought about it.  Considered my options carefully.  Decided to rip up some cardboards boxes instead. 
We are waiting for Mum to take us out for a quick walk.  It hasn't rained for a while so we think we should be able to go but Mum doesn't seem too keen.  Heidi has gone out strike and is picketing the lounge room with a puller toy in her mouth.  I am displaying my great watch-dog abilities by fending off (from a distance through the screen door) a group of magpies who are digging things out of the front lawn.  Surely Mum will relent and take us out. 
We don't like rain.  

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