Sunday, 15 January 2012

A trampa-moline story

This is a trampa-moline.  The small humans over the road have one.  Their parents put them in there, do up the zip so they can't get out and, then, the kids bounce around screaming.  I don't know if they are having fun or if they just want to get out.

Anyway, this is a story of a brave dog called Pepsi who lives with another dog called Harriet.  Their humans have one of these trampa-molines.  Birdies like to sit on the top of the netting and sing loud songs early in the mornings especially on Sunday mornings when things are usually a bit quieter.

Well, yesterday, when the dogs were relaxing outside in the early morning coolness, some kookaburras came to sit on the netting.  Kookaburras are by nature very noisy birdies. These kookaburras started laughing at the dogs and the dogs were not impressed by this intrusion into their Sunday morning.  So those kookaburras had to be shown who was boss in that garden. 

Pepsi decided that she could get closer to the pesky things by climbing into the trampa-moline, so up she got.  The kookaburras kept laughing.  How rude! They had never seen a bouncing dog.  Pepsi started to bounce a little bit, then a bit higher.  Harriet was barking, 'Go, Pepsi, go!!'  Pepsi bounced higher....and higher ...and then she managed to grab one of those kookaburras by the wing. 
Harriet kept barking.  Pepsi kept bouncing.  The kookaburra was squawking.  The kookaburra's friends were squawking.  Bounce, bounce, squawk, squawk, bark, bark! What fun! 

But, as usually happens, the humans appeared and stopped the game.  They said that everyone was making too much noise.  Then they took the kookaburra away from Pepsi and, because it had a sore wing, took it to the vet to be looked after. 

I am not sure if any mention was made of Pepsi's skills as a trampa-molinist but I would just like to say that Heidi and I are most impressed and have added a trampa-moline to our Christmas list for Santa's next visit.  We think we would be really, really good at trampa-molining and that it would would be of great benefit to us in our on-going battle with the pussycats and possums of the neighbourhood.

Wags to you, Pepsi! an honourable mention to Harriet for her unstinting support.

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