Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Heidi has done it!  She slept almost all night on the big bed beside Dad. 
Mum and Dad went to bed last night as usual and, as usual as part of Operation Doona, Heidi went into the walk-in cupboard.  I curled up on the mat near the patio doors because someone has to keep an eye out for pussycats.  All was quiet for a while but then Dad started to snore.  Now, when our Dad snores, he is really loud so Mum sometimes goes into the spare room to sleep and that is what happened last night.  
Mum wandered off down the  hall and left Dad by himself in the bed.  Heidi saw her chance and hopped up beside him.  He didn't even know that Mum had gone because there was a warm body beside him.  Ha ha.....wags and wuffs.  Operation Doona was a complete success!
Heidi and Dad snored together in the big bed until 6 a.m. when Mum got up to go to the bathroom and unceremoniously ejected a triumphant HoHo from the bedroom.
Heidi didn't care.  She was victorious.  She has not stopped bragging about it since and is now resting on the couch planning her next campaign.

Sadly there is no picture of Dad and Heidi snoring together because Dad would not approve the photographic evidence, but here is the co-ordinator of Operation Doona enjoying her success.

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