Wednesday, 27 June 2012


It is cold.  It is very cold.  We had a clip last week so we don't even have a full woolly coat to help keep us warm.  Miss Anna didn't clip us as closely as she does in summer but even's cold.

I have retreated to my beanbag because it covered in a nice soft velvety material which is easy to snuggle in.

This was actually my third choice of cuddle up venue but, apparently, even really cold days do not change certain regulations within our household.

Earlier today I left Heidi curled in a tight, tight, ball on the couch and took myself down the hall to Mum and Dad's bed.  They have a big bed with a nice warm quilt on it.  If a passing dog accidentally nudges it slightly, it slips a bit in a floor ward direction.  If the passing dog repeats the nudging several times, the quilt comes right down onto the floor where the passing dog can curl up and snooze in supreme warmth and comfort.
Unfortunately this passing dog's mother decided to change the towels in the ensuite bathroom, removed me from my snuggled position and closed the bedroom door so as to block any further passing.

I ventured by chance into the spare room where there is another big bed with a doona on it.  Doonas are  lovely to snuggle on, especially if one has one's favourite toy with one.  I jumped and snuggled.....for a while .....until Mum decided to vacuum the house and, once again, a door was closed.

So I went out into the family room where my bean bag is and lay on it looking really depressed.  Mum and Heidi were in the is warmer in there because the floor has carpet.......and I was in the family room on my beanbag.   Sigh.

But, then, Mum came and picked up my beanbag and carried it out into the lounge.  She put it right beside her chair.  So now I am cuddled up in my brown, velvety beanbag right next to Mum.  It is still cold outside but I feel better now.   Zzzzzzz.

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