Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Battle of Wills

Mum has bought us bones. This is because our doctor has said that we should eat bones each week to keep our teeth clean. Heidi is outside chomping away at her big piece of dinosaur bone. She will work at it for hours until it is just a tiny nub which Mum will then throw in the bin. I had my bone in the garage and had a bit of a chew at it and then I thought I would take it out to the palm tree and bury it in my secret spot. Mum did not agree with my plan however. She took my bone and put it....and me...in the pool room and told me to 'Eat that bone'. I have sucked it and had a bit more of a chew on it but I really want to go and bury it. Mum says that if I bury it I will become 'territorial' and will not let Heidi out into the back yard. This is true. It is my bone and, even if I don't want it, nobody else can have it or even come near it. So here I sit.....with my bone....waiting....wanting to bury it.....and Mum is having a coffee in the kitchen.....watching me....every so often telling me to eat the bone. Heidi is crunching outside. I can hear bone shattering noises coming from the patio. Maybe I will just have another chew. That might make Mum let me take it out to bury. Not bad! Still want to bury it though. Mum is watching me. I smile and wag my tail. No result. Still in the pool room with my bone. It is a battle of wills. No one is going to make me eat a bone if I want to bury it first. I like my bones slightly rancid and mouldy. 45 minutes later: Still in the pool room with my bone....although there doesn't seem to be much of it left now. The more I chewed at it the better it tasted so I kept on chewing and then.....wow!....I reached the soft, sweet marrow in the middle and I just couldn't stop. Yummmmm! The problem now is that Mum will think she has won and....seriously, we cannot have humans thinking that they are in control. So I am going to bury this little bit that I have left under the cushions of the chair. Ha! The big blonde dog is victorious....again!

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