Sunday, 6 May 2012

Home Again...Hooray!

Mum came to get us at last!
Miss Angela is fun and we have a pretty good time staying with her but we are always very glad to come home.

As soon as Mum unloaded us from the car, we raced around to make sure everything was just where we left it.  All seemed to be okay so we gave the neighbours a good barking just to let them know we were back and to warn Otto (aka The Rat) to keep his ratty face away from our fence.
Dad was somewhat put out that we didn't greet him until we had taken care of these things.  Priorities, we tried to tell him....priorities!  You cannot allow the neighbours to think they can just carry on as they please.  It is all for the security of the house that we have to be so firm with the likes of pussy cats, possums and Rats who think they are dogs.  Heidi sat beside Dad on the couch for a while so that he felt appreciated.  (Got to keep the humans happy.)

Now, dinner has been served (on time) by Mum and we are having a well-deserved rest.  Being 'on holidays' sure does wear a dog out.

Our 'family suite' was quite comfortable but there is nothing quite like a snooze on your very own chair or couch.


  1. Looking "well fed" in that shot Ho Ho....

  2. We have missed you guys, welcome home xx