Saturday, 5 May 2012

Help! We Are Prisoners!

We are being held prisoner by Miss Angela at the kennel. Mum dropped us off last week....ages ago...and I think she has forgotten to come and pick us up again. There doesn't seem to be any way for us to get out of here and go home on our own. Heidi says if we could get out, she knows the way back to our house. I think between the two of us we'd find the way. How hard could it be? The problem is that Miss Angela has these big high fences everywhere....and gates which close by themselves. Heidi and I have a "family suite" so we can be together. It has a sleeping space with two beds which is covered in and another space which is more open and allows us to see our fellow Basil. Basil is another dog who is trapped here. He has little tiny legs and a long body.....obviously some strange mutant breed. He has a tendency to wail when he feels lonely. Heidi talks to him through the fence and she says he dribbles too. He doesn't get to play with us because Miss Angela says we are too Boisterous for him. I don't know what boisterous is but I think it must be something to do with his having those little stumpy legs and not being able to run and jump like us. Miss Angela can be bossy but she does serve dinner at the right time....5 pm...however, there are no breakfast treats. I have tried to speak with her on this issue but she just doesn't seem to understand. Heidi says no breakfast treats is totally unacceptable. Even prisoners should have treats, she says. Otherwise Miss Angela seems to have a reasonable grip on what dogs like. She knows lots of good games and has even built a running track and mud puddles in the playground. We like the running track. There is a big square playing yard and the running track goes around the outside of it. Miss Angela puts Joe, the greyhound, in the running track and we go in the middle yard. Joe belts around the running track and we rush from side to side of the playing yard to keep up with him. Boy, is he fast! Heidi says she is the winner because she can go across and back before Joe can go right around. Methinks Heidi deludes herself. I try to keep up with Joe and he beats me every time probably because I am barking as I go. Miss Angela says I am a lunatic. Don't know what that means either. I have worked out that when the bell rings, it means there is someone at the front gate. Sometimes it is a new prisoner being dropped off and sometimes it is someone's human coming to get them. Maybe, tomorrow the bell will ring and it will be Mum coming for us......but,I guess, if you have to be a prisoner this isn't a bad place to be.

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