Friday, 18 May 2012

Footnote from Mum

As a footnote to the last post I must tell you all that Trudy is in deep disgrace tonight because, as I was unloading and putting away the groceries this afternoon, she managed to make off with a freshly baked loaf (a whole loaf!!!!) of wholemeal bread and had devoured it before I realised it was gone.  Took it straight out of the shopping bag.  I couldn't believe it.
Its not as thought I starve the dog, folks.  She is very well fed....but it seems she now has a taste for fresh bread......buttered or not.....with or without cheese.
In anticipation of the digestive uproar I am sure will ensue, I have relegated the big blonde dog to the garage.

Best Regards
BBD's Mum.

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