Wednesday, 16 May 2012

White or Wholemeal?

On Sunday the humans celebrated Mothers' Day which meant that we were left at home by ourselves.....again! Mum fed us first and then Dad said to me, "Troods, you guard the house." Well, I take my duties as a guard dog very seriously so I started patrolling the house to make sure there were no intruders. Heidi went for an after dinner nap on the couch. I kept guarding. I sat out in the pool room and watched out through the windows. Heidi woke up and had a drink. I kept guarding. Heidi went out the back for....well, you can guess what she went for. I kept patrolling. Gosh, I was doing a good job! Heidi decided nothing was happening so she went back to sleep on the couch. I may have had a short snooze but I was still on high alert. Nothing got past me. No guard dog has ever done a better job than me. All that guarding was making me hungry. Heidi said that there wouldn't be any more food until Mum came home but I was really feeling like a little snack......but I was a guard dog so I kept patrolling. And then....I saw something.....up on the bench. Dad had left something there. He must have known that a great guard dog like me would need a snack halfway through her shift. Good one, Dad! I stood up and took it down. It was wrapped up in a plastic bag and it was a bit of a struggle to get it open but, eventually, I was able to enjoy my snack of sliced bread. It would have nicer if Dad had buttered it but it's the thought that counts, after all. I kept guarding until Mum and Dad came home, but I must confess that I (OMG!!!)....quite a bit. Nobody mentioned that the bread was gone but there were several complaints about 'smelly dogs'. I tried to look innocent because it is usually Heidi who is to blame for these things. It wasn't until the next morning that Mum found the plastic bag outside where I had left it. Apparently the bread wasn't meant for me at all...which explains why it wasn't buttered,I suppose. Mum was not impressed with how many 'little gifts' I had left for her in the back yard either. Judging by the way she goes around collecting them every day I thought she would have been impressed with the quantity, From this I have learned that Wholemeal bread gives me a tummy ache and so, in future, I will be sticking to white bread.....hopefully buttered...and preferably with cheese.....but, gee, I was a great guard dog.

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  1. hahahahahaha, great story, serves them right for leaving you home alone again. I am having a problem with "wind". Right now, my mum and dad leave me in the room and run away......not my fault, if I fart and snore....I too am a great watch dog, if anyone can wake me up...