Thursday, 19 September 2013

Moving things

Things have been changing in our house lately.
Mum and Dad have been moving the furniture around.  I don't know what brought this activity on but I find it very interesting, and just a little confusing.

In the big room, where there used to be a pool table, there is now a table and chairs, a wooden cupboard thing that a television sits on and a couch. The pool table was taken away by two men one day. They came with a little truck, loaded it on the back and drove away.  Mum didn't seem to be concerned about the theft of our pool table at all.  She even held the door open for the men.  I tried to protest but was told to be quiet and mind my manners. How am I supposed to be the protector of the house and contents when I am minding my manners?  

Heidi was a bit peeved because she liked to sleep on the mat under the pool table.
I thought about filing an official complaint on her behalf....something in the form of lizard remains left in the lounge room....when I noticed that Dad had brought a couch into the room.  I happen to like couches.  They are so comfortable.  One can stretch oneself right out when one is having one's post dinner snooze.

We have another couch. It is in the lounge room but it is usually occupied by Heidi.  She has invoked the 'Older Sister's Advantages' clause of our housemates agreement whereby she gets first choice of snacks, sleeping quarters and human laps to sit on.  This means I usually have to squeeze my large size self into a medium size armchair while she luxuriates on HER couch. So, I was understandably delighted to find that I now had my own couch on which to ever-so-gracefully recline.

The only problem now is that Dad appears to be of the opinion that MY new couch is his.  He wants to park himself on MY couch to watch the Golf Channel.  I have tried to explain to him that there is room for two on the couch if he keeps himself to one end, but he insists on my vacating the couch completely so that he can spread himself out.....and he won't even share the cheese and crackers!

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