Friday, 13 December 2013

Surprising behaviour

I have been informed that there are people out there who have been wondering why communication from me has been sparse lately.
Well, I have been surprisingly well-behaved…at least according to Dad. Mum might tell a different story but she has been too busy to tell dad about my adventurous lifestyle.

 Dad doesn't know about the set of pyjamas that he left on the chair in the bedroom that somehow found its way out to the palm trees.  I thought I had buried those jammies really well but Mum with her eagle-eyesight and somewhat suspicious nature spotted them. They were then dug up, washed and returned to their rightful place under Dad's pillow with his being none the wiser. Several pots of bromeliads suffered by way of retaliation I might add.  My treasures should remain where I bury them.
 Dad does not know about the two bread rolls that he had earmarked for his lunch that filled a passing pup's tummy last weekend.  Mum did a hasty bakery run to buy replacement rolls (and a couple of doughnuts for afternoon tea). He's spoilt, that Dad of ours.
 Dad does not know about the semi chewed sock and its mate that had to be thrown out because Mum decreed that the toe-less look was out of fashion this year.  She popped a new pair of socks into Dad's drawer to replace the mutilated ones.
 Dad doesn't know that the bathroom was particularly sparkling on Thursday because Mum had to mop it twice that day after I chose to throw up a mess of partially digested toad on the tiles.  I thought it was preferable to throw up in the bathroom than on the carpet. Mum agreed with this philosophy but gave me the lecture about chewing up road kill for the seventy-second time anyway.
So, I believe that what Dad doesn't know won't bother him and will ensure that I continue to receive a good cuddle from him every night.

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