Friday, 7 March 2014

Time For a Check Up

Yesterday, Mum surprised me by taking me for a drive in the car.

This usually means we are going to the puppy park but, since Mum left Heidi at home to take care of the house, I was a bit confused.

When we got the corner and turned left, I knew something was up.

When we got to the traffic lights and turned left again, I thought "Oh oh!'

When we got to the roundabout and turned right, I knew what was happening.

When we turned in at the big sign with V E T written on it, I started to cry.  I knew where I was and I was not impressed.

Mum got me out of the car and in we went. I had to sit on the big black scale for a minute - 25.2kg.

Then we had to sit and wait.  I don't like waiting, especially at the V E T. I whimpered. Mum said to be quiet.  I tried to sit on Mum's lap. Mum said to get down.  I slithered under Mum's chair.  Mum said to come out.  I sat there beside Mum all a-quiver.  Mum said I was being a goober.

The lady at the desk told me I was very pretty.  Nothing new there -  I know I am beautiful.  I was still quivering.  The lady at the desk told me it wouldn't be long, it would be my turn soon.  That didn't stop my shivers.

Then Dr Clare came out of her room.  I like Dr Clare.  She gives good ear rubs and is less free with her thermometer than Dr Ian is.  'Come on, Gorgeous,' she said.

See, told you I am beautiful.

In the room, Dr Clare looked in my ears, looked at my eyes, checked my teeth, felt my tummy and listened to my chest.  Then she ran her hands all over me, even down my legs.  I held my breath because if the temperature taking was going to happen, that was when it would be.  But, hurray!  No need to take the temperature!  All I had to have was a little sting from the needle to keep me healthy and then I scored some treats for being such a good girl.

Dr Clare said I was in excellent condition and that she was very pleased by my super clean teeth.  'You have been very clever eating those bones,' she told me.

So, in conclusion, I am a clever, extremely healthy and fabulously beautiful dog.

But then, you knew that, didn't you?


  1. Loved your post. I few years ago I wrote a book that was a daily journal of a miniature dachshund. Once you start thinking like a dog, it gets easier and FUNNIER.

  2. This is cute. We're dog lovers here too! My pup is not a fan of the vet, and when they put us in an exam room, she scoots herself as close to the door as she possibly can get. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. He's a very cute dog. We currently have cats around here, though we've had dogs before.

  4. Very cute dog indeed! Love the post!