Tuesday, 5 February 2013


This morning I found these things on the kitchen bench.
Mum said, 'Avocados are not for dogs. Get down from there.'

Well, of course, that just made me more curious about the avo things.  So I waited.

Mum put the avo things in a bag and tried to hide them further back on the bench near the coffee maker. Sneaky but not good enough to fool a big, blonde dog.
I waited.

Mum gave us our breakfast treats and then made herself some breakfast. She sat down at the table to read the newspaper.
I waited.

Mum put dishes in the dishwasher.
I waited.

Mum tied up the rubbish bag and took it out to the bin.
I waited.

Mum went to the laundry to start the washing machine. Heidi went with her to keep her company.
This was my chance.

I had to really s-t-r-e-t-c-h out to reach but I managed to get hold of the corner of the bag and gave it a little tug.  The avo things rolled down closer to me so I could ever so carefully take them out...one at a time....to the palm tree.

And that was my big mistake.  Because.....I forgot....that.....from the laundry room.......Mum has a very nice view of the palm trees.

So when I was tip toe-ing along with my treasure in my mouth, I was spotted.  Drat! Foiled again.
And I was being so careful too......didn't even puncture the avo thing's skin with my teeth.

The avo things are now inside the microwave which is, according to Mum, dog-proof.  (One day we'll see about that.)

Oh well, I bet I wouldn't like avocados anyway.

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