Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Issues with Dad

Attention:  Management

Complaints about Dad
 By Trudy and Heidi

  • Dad does not play the hunting of cane toads game properly.  He immediately muscles in on the game and takes over completely so that he is the one to get the toad, thus making Mum happy.  This is totally unfair. He has all the fun and he doesn't even have to have his mouth swished out with a bucket of water afterwards to make sure he hasn't swallowed any toad poison.  
  • Dad has no concept of time.  On the days that Mum goes to work, Dad is supposed to serve our dinner. Mum knows what time dinner should be served and we certainly know what time dinner should be served.  The bowls should hit the floor approximately five minutes after Deal or No Deal comes on.  The problem is that Dad usually has the tv on the golf channel so he has no idea that it is dinner time.  We usually have to take drastic action to prod him into action e.g. Heidi will rush back and forth between the lounge and the kitchen 'talking' as she does so. If this doesn't work, then I have to jump onto his lap.  That usually stirs him into movement. 
  • Dad doesn't share.  Dad likes to eat biscuits with his cup of tea/coffee etc., but he just doesn't respond to our pleas for a little taste.  
  • Dad has an unaccountable attachment to his socks.  When Dad comes home he takes off his shoes and socks and leaves them on the floor in the bedroom.  I consider this to mean that he doesn't want the socks any more since they are somewhat odorous (I like it!) and so I take them ever so carefully out to my hidey-hole under the palm trees.  Somehow Mum always knows where I have put the socks and brings them back in and pops them in the dirty clothes hamper.  She usually says, 'Oh Troods, not again!'  Dad, on the other hand, sits me down for a stern man to dog conversation.  Pfft!  They're only socks........come on!
  • Dad gets to sleep in the big bed with Mum and we don't.     Nuff sed.  Totally unfair!  How come we have to sleep in the garage? 

Please consider the above list and adjust the household arrangements accordingly.

Thank you.

Troods and HoHo

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