Thursday, 2 May 2013

Policy announcement

As you are probably aware, our policy regarding cats has always been very simple and very clear.
One can either a) ignore the cat......not my choice as a rule......or b) chase the cat....need I say more?

However, Heidi and I have held a meeting, formed a committee and come to the agreement that the cat policy may have an additional clause added.

Cat Policy:  Family Associations

When the cat in question is part of the family it may still be ignored but should on no account be chased.  It should also be offered the same considerations as the family dogs.

So, with this new policy in mind we extend our best wishes to Reuben Cat who was hit by a car last week when he was wandering around outside his house. He has a broken jaw and has had to have an operation to rewire his jaw. This means he has to be fed through a tube into his neck and will have to relearn the eating process when his jaw is better.
Since Reuben's mum is a friend of our Mum, this means he is, by association, part of the family and therefore fits under the new policy guidelines.
Get well soon. Reuben Cat.

Heidi reminds me that there may be cats living in a place called Seattle who are also family by association because Mum and Dad know their humans.
Whoever would have thought that I would ever be referring to cats as family?  It just doesn't seem right somehow.

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  1. Strewth...there's a turn around girls..with age comes wisdom and compassion ! Nice work ladies.....get well soon Rueben ......