Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stocks running low

Well, it has been a whole month now since Mum and Dad took their suitcases and left us here at home while they went goodness knows where.

We were a bit worried that we would have to manage on our own but, fortunately,  Uncle Mike, whom we had never met before, came to stay with us. This has a good thing because although Mum left us a million trillion cans of food, we are yet to figure out how to get the food out of the can.
Uncle Mike has taken over dinner service, walks, issuing of treats and game playing.  He has also kept up the collection of our you-know-what which makes me wonder if all humans have this odd hobby.

Now Heidi has announced that Mum and Dad will be back soon.  She bases this theory on the fact that there are only two and a half paws worth of cans....thats ten....left on the shelf in the garage.  Uncle Mike does not buy dog food.  He only buys food for himself.  So Heidi thinks that when those ten cans have been disposed of, Mum and Dad will come back with more food for us.  Heidi is a deep thinker.  She studies things, turns the evidence over in her mind and then makes her pronouncements.
So, we expect to see Mum and Dad in ten cans' time.

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  1. I bet that month went way quicker for mum and dad than it did for you girls....there will be great excitement in your camp in 10 cans time...yay !