Monday, 14 July 2014

Deep Disgrace

Oh dear, apparently I am a disgrace.  I have been thus informed by both Mum and Dad.

Over the weekend I was on my usual patrol of the house, looking for potential threats to the well-being of my humans, when I happened upon an odd-looking thing.
It was one of these.  It was sitting on the little table beside the big bed where Mum and Dad sleep. 
I looked at it and had a sniff.  It smelled of Dad's face.  I decided it was a face-sucking- off creature. 

It seemed to be me that this was something to be either eaten or completely destroyed.....or maybe both.

So I took it outside.

And pulled it to pieces.

And chewed it up.

And ate most of it.

On Saturday Mum and Dad were very upset because they couldn't find the funny-looking thing.
They hunted all over the bedroom, all over the house, behind the palm trees and in the garage. 

I said nothing.  
  Heidi retreated to her bed while they were searching. She said I was going to be in big trouble.

That made no sense to me.  Had I not removed a deadly-dangerous, face-sucking-off gadget from the house and thereby protected my Dad?

Then, yesterday, when Mum was adding to her collection of our garden deposits, she found the remains of the plastic nose piece of the face-sucking-off gadget in amongst...well, you know where it was.

Heidi was right. I was in big trouble. There were no treats for me all day.  Pfft!

So, today, I decided to give back the bit of face-sucking-off gadget that I had put away for later. I brought it in for Mum.  She was still not pleased with me.

I am in deep disgrace.  I have been given dinner but I suspect that there will be no treats again this evening.


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