Sunday, 6 July 2014

The trick to treats.

I have discovered something.
I am surprised I have not worked this out before. It is quite a simple thing really.  Heidi says she has known this for some time and has assumed that I knew too, but I didn't know and HoHo didn't tell me.
I know now though.  
What an amazing discovery!  
Here it is.

If, when one's human calls, a clever dog should come immediately (not when the clever dog feels like it) that clever dog gets treats.

Who knew?

Mum, in particular, is easily impressed by prompt response. 

I found this to be true when I was out in the garden on the weekend.  It was a slow morning. There was nobody to be barked at in the park. There was no sign of Otto the chihuahua (aka Otto the Rat) in his yard behind the fence.  There were no pigeons for Heidi to terrorise. Kahlua, our exotic feline neighbour,  was not in his usual position on top of the fence.  A quiet morning indeed. 
So when I heard Mum call, there was no need for me to dilly-dally.  I went inside right away.

Mum was so happy with me that she allowed me to make my own choice of treat.  (A rare event.)

 I chose Vegetable Tagine.  I hadn't tried those ones before.  Mum gave me one. Yum.  I dashed out to tell Heidi that treats were being served.  Mum called us again.  I came in right away again. More treats were issued.  It was fantastic. Heidi got some too, even though she had wandered in at her leisure.
I got more because I was so instantaneous in my my obedience.

I am so clever.  

My friend Tambo says he knows more tricks for getting treats.  I hope he is going to tell me every single one of them.

Post-treat nap time.

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