Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cold Weather Blues

It has been really cold these past few mornings. Heidi has commandeered the beanbag which has a nice soft velvet cover. This has meant that I have had to find a nice warm spot of my own.

Mum has been most unreasonable about sharing the big bed with me. I suggested we send Dad down to the spare room but, apparently, he takes precedence over me when it comes to sleeping companions. I do not understand this at all because he makes the most appalling noise when he sleeps, and I am nice and quiet.  

I went to the spare room but the door was closed. Then I remembered that there is a couch in the other bedroom. So that is where I have been sleeping.  It isn't as soft as the big bed but it is warm enough for me.  I have also discovered that after dinner, when Mum and Dad settle down to watch the television, nobody takes much notice of me. This, therefore, is a good time to sneak down to the big bed and snooze in comfort for a couple of hours. 

Tomorrow we are expecting some extra treats because it is Heidi's birthday. She'll be six. Usually we have bones or chewy treats to celebrate. I am not sure what we will get tomorrow because Mum was somewhat displeased with us for digging holes in the backyard. She said, 'That's it, Heidi. Your birthday is cancelled.'.  But, surely, she can't cancel a birthday.  There must be a rule in the dog owner's handbook about such things.  I wonder where Mum keeps her copy of the dog owner's handbook.  I might have to study the section on protests and appeals.

Happy Birthday, Heidi.  

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